What Is The Bank Reconciliation Statement?

What Is The Bank Reconciliation Statement?

Have you ever wondered what is the bank reconciliation statement? If your answer is a resounding no, then it’s time for you to learn! This article explains what is the bank reconciliation statement, how the bank reconciles their records … Read more

Non-For-Profit Organization 2022

Define Non-For-Profit Organization: An Overview

Non-for-profit organization has been around for a long time now, but with the increased use of technology and business in general, they are still very relevant. In this article, you’ll find out just what makes up a non-profit organization … Read more

Accounting, Importance & 5 Objectives

Here are the brief note on Introduction to Accounting, Purpose of Accounting or Importance of Accounting and, Nature of Accounting etc. From the following notes, you will be able the answer the following questions:- Write a short note on … Read more

Ten Principles of Economics (N. Gregory Mankiw)


Ten Principles of Economics was introduced by N. Gregory Mankiw, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, in his book “Principles of Microeconomics“. He beautifully summarized his book mainly in Ten Principles of Economics in the first chapter of his … Read more

Ceteris Paribus Meaning & its Importance

Ceteris Paribus

Ceteris Paribus helps to isolate all independent variables except one which may affect a dependent variable. Because, in actual it is almost impossible to exactly determine the relationship between the price of a good (independent variable) and the quantity … Read more

International System of Units (SI) & Symbols

What is International System of Unit? The International System of Units (SI), commonly known as the metric system, is the international standard for measurement. It is referred to as SI. It was adopted as a worldwide system of measurements … Read more

Physical Quantities & Necessary Characteristics

What are Physical Quantities? Physical Quantities are the quantities that are measurable i.e. length, mass, time, temperature, etc. Other Definitions of Physical Quantity Physical quantity is a characteristic or property of an object that can be measured or calculated from … Read more

Introduction to Biology, Divisions & Branches

Introduction to Biology is the Topic: 1.1 Introduction to Biology The following topics are included in this section:- What is Science 2 Main Stream of Sciences What is Biology Division of Biology Branches of Biology Relationship of Biology with … Read more

Introduction to Physics & Branches of Physics

The topic “Introduction to Physics” covers the following topics are included under this section:- What is Science 2 Main Stream of Sciences Main 5 Distinct Disciplines of Physical Sciences Physics and its role in Science, Technology and Society 9 … Read more